We're More
Than Just Bags.

Delivering innovative end-to-end packaging solutions
for distributors around the globe since 1876


Flexibility, Trust and Experience...

It's what comes in every Halsted bag.

Every day we help our clients create a lasting impression for their customers, turning ordinary packaging into a memorable experience. We empower and support our clients, enabling them to prioritize their customers. By leveraging 150 years of experience, we have become a reliable and trustworthy partner that delivers innovative end-to-end packaging solutions, minimizing clients’ risk while scaling their growth.

Proud To Be Steady. We Are Halsted.

Meet the faces behind years of excellence.

Our business model is built on trust – and we look forward to earning yours.

From Design to Warehousing, Our Business is to Help You Grow Your Business.

With trusted manufacturing partners around the globe, we can help you competitively source your custom packaging, polypropylene bags, paper bags, and more.

Whether it’s a container load or a few pallets, we can help with all aspects of product design and procurement. Being able to navigate the global challenges that exist today is a key to being able to offer competitive pricing. Many distributors utilize Halsted to diversify their supply chain and reduce risk.

The Halsted Difference

We handle sourcing, quality control, financing, transportation logistics, warehousing, and distribution for your packaging products.


Quality Assurance



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