Bag Dimension:35x41x54"
SWL/SF:2500 lbs / 5:1
Body Fabric:165gsm Uncoated WPP
Number of Vents:13 ventilated stripes
Bottom Spout:diameter 18 x 22" long
Bottom Spout
90+20gsm coated
Bottom Spout tie:2 X 23" Tie For Closing
Bottom Closure:Star/Petal with Protective Flap
Bottom Closure tie:PP rope
Lifting Loops:4x10" rigid corner loops & 1.6" width
Lifting Loop Leg:16" short leg and 47" long leg
Material:PP Webbing / White Color
Sift Proof Seams:NO
Document pouch:10"x 12" Ziplock Document Pouch
Seams:Overlock + Chain, Blue Color
Pallet Type:40"x48"x53"(H);Gross WT./Pallet<1,000 lbs.
Raw Material:FDA Compliant, 100% Virgin Polypropylene
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