Concrete Washout Bags

Concrete Washout Bags

Avoid costly fines or a job site shutdown

Our concrete washout bulk bags are lightweight yet incredibly strong, portable containers that contain environmentally harmful industrial concrete, drywall mud, stucco, paint, mortar, and wet waste. Halsted is an industrial bulk bag supplier from which you can purchase concrete washout bags and other custom bulk bags. This is the most costeffective and broad-range product on the market for concrete disposal

Requiring no external structure due to its specialized design, this bag is capable of standing on its own, allowing one person to perform the discharge of the chute. Small enough to fit in the cab of a mixer and be put away or used as storage. It sets up quickly in under 5 seconds. Rated to safely hold with a capacity of 3300lbs (1,500kg) and has 4 corner lift loops, 10” x 2”, allowing for the easy, safe movement of the bag when filled and easy disposal.

By using a concrete washout bag, you can benefit your business greatly. Many companies can benefit from these bags, including commercial construction businesses. Concrete washout bags could be the answer you have been searching for. 


  • Failure to wash out properly can result in fines or a job site shut down.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Cement is incredibly alkaline, with a pH of 12 to 13. It can create an environmental or safety hazard if not correctly disposed of.

This bag stands on its own – no external structure is needed!

  • Bulk Bags require no external structure due to their specialized design, and these bags are capable of standing on their own.
  • It holds up to 18 cubic feet (130 gallons).
  • It is rated to hold 3300lbs (1,500kg) safely.
  • It works with wet or dry material and will not seep due to its internal plastic liner.
  • The liner is tabbed & sewn on 4 bottom corners and at the top perimeter of the bag.
  • LLDPE plastic liner stays in place when the bag is filled and moved, allowing for easy and safe disposal.
  • Bulk Bags have 4 corner lift loops, each 10” x 2”.

For all your construction and industrial needs, you can count on us. Check out the many other products we have available, such as textile and specialty fabrics and container liners.

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