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Our business is to help you grow your business

The Halsted model is simple. Family-owned and operated since 1876, our business has been to support and grow your business. Our team is here to help you and your sales team compete and win in this industry. For more than 145 years, Halsted has provided products, such as being a polypropylene bag importer, and services to packaging distributors and retailers around the globe. We handle sourcing, quality control, financing, transportation logistics, warehousing, and distribution for your packaging products. With manufacturing facilities and partnerships in nearly a dozen countries around the globe, we help our distributors to:

  • Design and source the product competitively
  • Ensure the highest level of quality production
  • Expedite the shipping and customs process
  • Facilitate the warehousing, distribution, and financing of your product

Design and Source the Product Competitively

With trusted manufacturing partners around the globe, we can help you competitively source your custom packaging, polypropylene bags, paper bags, and more. Whether it’s a container load or a few pallets, we can help with all aspects of product design and procurement. Being able to navigate the global challenges that exist today is a key to being able to offer competitive pricing. Many distributors utilize Halsted to diversify their supply chain and reduce risk.

Ensure the Highest Level of Quality Production

Price is important, but not at the expense of quality. We have a team of product specialists on the ground constantly monitoring quality control at our manufacturing facilities. Our team is working with our manufacturing partners regularly to achieve the highest quality certifications available. Today, all of our food-grade manufacturing facilities utilize GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized manufacturing schemes for the bags and other items created.

Expedite the Shipping and Customs Process

We understand the importance of getting your product here when you need it (if not sooner). At Halsted, all of our logistics are handled in-house, rather than utilizing any third-party providers. Navigating the international shipping and US Customs entry processes can be tedious and expensive. At Halsted, we absorb the burden as your importer (and the risk) associated with these transactions – enabling your team to focus on selling.

Facilitate the Warehousing, Distribution, and Financing of your Product

Our Cranbury, New Jersey headquarters offers nearly 150,000 sq. ft of warehousing and distribution space for our distributors. Additionally, with recently expanded space at our Portland, Oregon facility, we can offer warehousing and drop-ship programs from both sides of the country. With warehousing and freight costs at their highest levels on record, Halsted provides its distributors with an economical alternative to facilitate their distribution requirements.

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