Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Equipping You With The Resources You Need.

Below you will find helpful videos, glossaries and guides that can be shared with your sales team and your customers to better navigate your specific packaging needs.

Video Portal

FIBCs: Designed For The Products You Move And The People That Move Them

Unpacking Profits: The Economic Advantages of FIBCs

FIBCs - Think Outside the Box and Move Your Business into the Future

FIBC Safe Handling Guidelines - Storage & Transportation

FIBC Safe Handling Guidelines - Filling and Emptying

FIBC Safe Handling Guidelines - Handling by Forklift, Crane or Hoist

Bulk Bags FAQs and Glossary

Bulk bags can be complicated. At Halsted, it’s our job to simplify things for you and your customer. Click here to find an alphabetical guide defining all aspects of an FIBC. Whether you’re looking for the difference between “circular” and “u-panel” or you need information on FIBC “shelf life”, we’ve got you covered!

Bulk Bag Guides

Download The Safe Handling Guide

A comprehensive usage guide provided by FIBCA that answers all-things FIBC

Download The Design Guide

A one-stop shop to help your sales team and your customer design a FIBC for their application

Download The Food Safety Guide

Learn about food grade best practices and third-party audits.

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