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With trusted manufacturing partners around the globe, we can help you competitively source your custom packaging, polypropylene bags, paper bags, and more. Whether it’s a container load or a few pallets, we can help with all aspects of product design and procurement. Being able to navigate the global challenges that exist today is a key to being able to offer competitive pricing. Many distributors utilize Halsted to diversify their supply chain and reduce risk.

Notable Accolades

  • Halsted was one of the first importers of woven polypropylene bags in the United States back in the 1970’s.
  • Halsted has forged partnerships with manufacturers in the following countries: India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, and Cambodia
  • Our manufacturing partners are invaluable to our business, which is why qualifying a partner often takes years before Halsted is engaged in regular business with a new supplier. Our qualification process ensures quality protection for our distributors and solidifies long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
  • In many cases, Halsted maintains exclusive distributions rights to the US Market for many products and product lines
  • In addition to sourcing the product, Halsted specializes in sourcing the most competitive and expeditious logistics options. With logistics offices in both the United States and Asia, our team is constantly monitoring the market to find strategic advantages.

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