Cost effective storage

Our Cranbury, New Jersey headquarters offers nearly 150,000 sq. ft of warehousing and distribution space for our distributors. Additionally, with recently expanded space at our Lodi, California facility, we can offer warehousing and drop-ship programs from both sides of the country. With warehousing and freight costs at their highest levels on record, Halsted provides its distributors with an economical alternative to facilitate their distribution requirements.

Warehouse locations

Located in Cranbury, New Jersey, Savannah and Lodi, California. Click to view locations

Notable Differentiators

  • Can service much of the USA with 1-2 day transit
  • All inventory is barcoded and maintained electronically through a sophisticated ERP platform to ensure accuracy
  • All orders received before 11am local time will ship same-day
  • Invoicing and tracking will be sent same-day so that our distributors can promptly provide the same information to their customers
  • We specialize in “partial container” load (LCL) orders, where distributors can take advantage of Halsted’s competitive purchasing power while ordering less-than container load quantities of product, therefore reducing their risk and exposure.
    • Order what you actually need rather than having to order to fill a container
    • Source through Halsted’s expansive network of manufacturing partners
    • Halsted logistics team brings inventory to one of our strategic coastal locations (New Jersey or California)
    • Halsted can drop-ship product to our distributor or blind-ship the product directly to the end-user in our distributor’s name
    • Alternatively, Halsted can maintain a financing / warehousing / distribution program for this inventory – providing the end-to-end solution

Largest Stock Inventory in North America

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • East & West Coast Distribution
  • Generic Markings for Resale
  • Drop Ship Services

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