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Freight and Cargo Liners

Freight and Cargo Liners provide 100% protection for all goods shipped in ocean-going sea containers. The liner will protect bulk bags, food products, electronics, furniture, classic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, raw materials, metals, plastics, essentially anything that can be shipped in a container. The liner creates an isolated environment for the cargo, effectively preventing all moisture, salt, dirt, and smells from entering the container and contaminating the cargo. The unique design allows for incredibly fast loading and unloading of cargo from the container. The freight and cargo liner eliminates the need for your current costly, excessive, ineffective packaging; as well as the excessive cost of labor associated with installing and removing that packaging. Our liner will put a stop to all the collateral damage associated with ineffective packaging.

Specifications (custom sizes available)

  • Manufactured for 20ft and 40ft Containers
  • Sizes also available up to 53ft for Dry Van/Truck Trailers
  • 100% Protection from Moisture Contamination
  • 100% FDA Approved Food Grade Polypropylene
  • 100% Recyclable Material
  • Manufactured in North America

Installation (less than 15 minutes)

  • The liner installs easily onto the d-rings inside the container.
  • Cargo is moved into the liner (forklift friendly).
  • Desiccant bags (included) are placed inside the liner.
  • The front of the liner zips up for a perfect seal.
  • Cargo is now fully protected and

Commodity Liners, Agricultural Liners (Food Grade), And Animal Hide Liners

Our Commodity Liners and Hide Liners are manufactured in North America using FDA-approved polyethylene and polypropylene for food-grade product applications. They are 100% recyclable and accepted in any country. We can also manufacture the container liners out of heavier material and increase the height of the liner walls for larger cargo loading capacity.

Liner Specifications

  • Must be designed for specific purpose of lining intermodal shipping containers or domestic truck trailers.
  • The outer floor of the liner must be constructed of a non-woven poly material with a minimum thickness of 6 mil going up to 21 mil.
  • The sides of the liner must be constructed of a non-woven or woven poly material with a minimum thickness of 6 mil and to a height on the side of the container of at least 72 inches to accommodate double-stacked pallets.
  • The front of the liner must have corners sealed into it similar to the interior dimensions of the container.
  • The liner must have grommets or eyelets sewn into at the upper edge for tying, and must be equipped with ropes or straps suitable for tying to the tie-points inside the container. Taping the liner to the container or taping the ropes or straps to the liner is not acceptable.
  • The length of the liner must be adequate to allow the excess material to be folded up around the product in the doorway of the container and tied up at the tie-points.
  • All of our liners come with double floors so that you can drive a Bobcat or Forklift into it to load pallets or loading loose material with the Bobcat. The inner floor is a minimum of 3oz coated Polypropylene material. Heavier floors are available for extra heavy duty use.

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