From Boardroom to Betterment: Halsted’s Leadership in Industry Associations for Education, Safety, and Collective Growth

From Boardroom to Betterment: Halsted’s Leadership in Industry Associations for Education, Safety, and Collective Growth

From Boardroom to Betterment: Halsted’s Leadership in Industry Associations for Education, Safety, and Collective Growth

With a history spanning 147 years, Halsted stands as a titan in the bag and packaging industry. Established in 1876, Halsted has evolved into a provider of end-to-end packaging solutions, embracing innovation while supporting client growth.

At the helm of this legacy is President, Michael Murphy, who has effectively steered the company through decades of industry evolution. Now, ushering in the next generation of leadership are Justin and Kyle Murphy, CEO and COO, respectively. Together, the brothers have found a way to preserve the ethos that has defined Halsted since its inception, ensuring a seamless transition into a new era of growth and innovation.

Part of Halsted’s success lies in its unique direct-to-distributor method. Halsted caters to distributors by not competing, but rather exclusively supporting those within the industry and providing comprehensive services including sourcing, quality control, financing, transportation logistics, and warehousing. Furthermore, Halsted’s strategic distribution facilities on both coasts offer immediate access to an extensive stock inventory, further reinforcing its dedication to supporting clients.

Shaping Industry Excellence and Client Solutions through Board Memberships and Committee Engagements

Guided by a commitment to industry excellence and a deep dedication to customer support, Halsted’s leadership team is actively engaged in key associations. These associations amplify the company’s impact on the bag and packaging sector.

Justin holds a position as a member of FIBCA’s board, while Kyle contributes his expertise to the Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance Committee. Additionally, Dave Blatt, Halsted’s Vice President of Sales, offers his insights as a Board Member for TBPA.

Through these affiliations, Halsted not only remains informed on emerging trends, but is actively involved in shaping the direction of the industry, drafting safety standards, and educational information.

The information gained through these associations is then translated into our day-to-day operations, allowing Halsted to offer its clients solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also compliant with the latest safety standards and industry regulations. The “rising tide lifts all boats” philosophy is woven into the fabric of these memberships. As Halsted contributes to the growth and promotion of the bulk bags and woven polypropylene bags industries through FIBCA and TBPA, its clients benefit from thriving, innovative, and well-regulated industries.

Informing Progress: Halsted’s Proactive Engagement

Halsted’s active participation in these associations serves as a dynamic source of information, offering an in-depth view of the bag and packaging industry’s current landscape and directly benefits our clients.

Strategic Insights

One of the primary advantages of these memberships is the ability to closely track industry trends. Halsted closely monitors industry growth, year-to-year, by analyzing import and export data. This allows them to anticipate market shifts and better align their services with the needs of distributors.

Sustainable Solutions

Through Kyle’s work with FIBCA’s Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance Committee, Halsted remains at the forefront of sustainable practices. Equipped with real-time insights into industry chatter on recyclability and sustainability, emerging mandates and taxes, and the recycled content of FIBCs, Halsted’s involvement allows for timely updates. It allows for access to a vast database to keep the brand and its clients up-to-date on industry changes.

Empowering Safety

Education and safety are at the core of these associations. FIBCA, in particular, plays a pivotal role in disseminating accurate information about the complexities of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs). The education initiatives extend beyond the membership and extend down to the end-users. With FIBCs being employed to transport diverse dry goods, a complete understanding of their complexities is crucial. Halsted firmly believes it is their obligation to educate those within the industry and the end-use to ensure safer handling of products.

To further amplify the importance of safety, Justin previously co-chaired the Video Marketing Committee for FIBCA while they produced a video series to underscore the importance of safety in the transportation of goods using FIBCs.

In essence, these associations not only keep Halsted abreast of industry dynamics but empower them to share critical insights with clients, who can then disseminate down to their teams and clients.

Halsted’s Association Involvement and the Ripple Effect of Knowledge for Client Success

Through Halsted’s involvement in these associations, they can offer direct solutions to the challenges faced by both current and potential clients.

From a leadership perspective, Halsted offers its distributors a unique vantage point in that they understand the intricacies of industry trends, sustainability practices, and safety standards. In the highly competitive bag and packaging industry, Halsted recognizes that its success is intertwined with the success of its distributors.

Halsted’s commitment to continuing education and knowledge-sharing is not solely selfless but a strategic business approach. The more equipped and informed its distributors are, the higher the likelihood of securing sales from end-users. This ripple effect directly impacts Halsted. By investing time and resources in educating themselves, and in turn, their distributors, Halsted contributes to the overall growth and promotion of the bag and packaging sector. Again, this aligns with that earlier mentioned philosophy, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Over the last 147 years, Halsted has built a brand based on trust while scaling growth; as they move into the next generation of leadership, they look to continue in this same tradition of reliability and innovation.

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