Polypropylene Sandbags in Hurricane Defense: Distributor Trends and the Pivotal Role of Heavy-Duty Flood Protection

Polypropylene Sandbags in Hurricane Defense: Distributor Trends and the Pivotal Role of Heavy-Duty Flood Protection

Polypropylene Sandbags in Hurricane Defense: Distributor Trends and the Pivotal Role of Heavy-Duty Flood Protection

The world can be unpredictable. Natural disasters, such as tropical storms, hurricanes, and flash flooding events, can strike with little warning, wreaking havoc on homes and industries. With the escalating threats posed by climate change, these events are predicted to become more frequent and even more devastating.

According to NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, the hurricane season extends from June through the end of November. The 2023 hurricane season has been more active than in previous years due to increasingly warm ocean waters. This year, the U.S. has seen three hurricanes make landfall, including one striking the Pacific Coast. As we finish out the final month of the 2023 season, it serves as a reminder of the challenges we still face.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into supply and warehousing trends, pricing, and building trust with businesses, government entities, and everyday consumers.

Navigating the Surge in Demand: Distributor Insights on Hurricane Protection

It is important to understand both the annual trends of hurricane season and the upswing in the severity of storms, but also the effect this has had on consumers.

Over the past two decades, the U.S. has experienced several major hurricanes, including Katrina in 2005 and Sandy in 2012. Combined these storms destroyed or significantly damaged nearly 900,000 homes and businesses. Following this type of devastation, hurricane preparedness and preventative measures have become standard practice.

A minor flood may seem harmless, but according to FEMA, as little as just one inch of water can result in up to $25,000 in damage. With hurricanes, the stakes are even higher causing businesses and consumers to stock up on storm supplies well in advance. Stores now look to reassure their customer base before the news has the chance to report a storm forming over the Atlantic.

As a distributor, you have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve and build trust between you and the consumer, by providing top-of-the-line supplies in the months leading up to hurricane season.

Maintaining Inventory Readiness: The ‘Rollercoaster’ Forecasting Approach

Guaranteeing that inventory is readily available is another key element in building trust.

One way to ensure inventory is to transition from a dynamic forecasting system to a “rollercoaster” forecasting system. This forecast is updated monthly or quarterly with new data. At the same time, the horizon is pushed out by another month/quarter so that the forecast never reaches an endpoint.

Using this model and working with a trusted logistic provider will ensure that you are prepared with both stock offerings and custom sandbags. Volume pricing is often available when purchasing in advance of the season and taking advantage of freight and quantity price discounts.

By offering your clients custom packaging, municipalities and businesses can modify the sandbag specification to their exact needs, which may also provide additional financial savings.

Other parts of this model to consider include stock offerings that can be shipped to distributors or blind-shipped directly to the end-user in the distributor’s name. Additionally, with logistics handled in-house, distributors can benefit from competitive purchasing power and end-to-end solutions.

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Trust-Building Dynamics in the Distributor Ecosystem

Sandbags are so much more than just containers filled with sand. They are a symbol of resilience. A sandbag is a promise of security in the battle against the elements.

With this year’s hurricane season coming to a close, we look to 2024 knowing advanced preparedness is paramount. Developing a system of trust is critical to a successful business structure between the distributor and the client.

For distributors, trust must be fostered on both ends. When connecting with manufacturers, prioritizing mutual business development, and understanding a supplier’s capabilities are fundamental to ushering in a strong working relationship.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your end-users are reliant on a consistent flow of products to maintain supply and their bottom line. This relationship can easily be maintained so long as deliveries remain timely and within budget.

However, when working with customers, distributors have a unique opportunity to build a relationship based on more than just supply and demand. End-users, such as businesses, government entities, and municipalities, are dependent on the flow of goods. By cultivating a relationship based on reliability, not just dependency, you foster trust.

A direct-to-distributor model ensures that when communities need resilience and protection against the forces of nature, they aren’t left wanting. Through a direct-to-distributor model, the manufacturer supports and fosters the growth of distributors by offering competitively priced design options and sourcing the best quality products available.

This end-to-end approach provides access to products that are competitively sourced, resilient, and dependable when it matters most.

Stronger Than the Storm: Your Go-To Sandbag Manufacturer

In a world grappling with unpredictable weather events, it’s imperative to be prepared. As a distributor, your power lies in the ability to meet demands when disaster strikes by fostering strong relationships with reliable vendors. Reliability and quality are paramount in building these connections.

With 147 years of industry experience, we’ve firmly cemented our reputation as a leading provider of high-quality polypropylene sandbags, and we humbly invite you to be the bridge between our brand and your customers, before future disasters strike.

With a vast stock inventory in the millions catering to a variety of needs, be it for hurricane preparedness, flood control, or any number of other needs, we have set ourselves as your go-to sandbag provider.

Interested parties can explore Halsted’s extensive range of heavy-duty sandbags, from the 14×26” high-visibility orange sandbags to the unique 11×39 tube variant. With options for custom designs and special volume pricing, there’s a solution for every need. As hurricane season comes to a close, let’s prepare for what’s to come and unite in our defense against Mother Nature’s wrath. View our stock inventory or request a quote by contacting us.

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