Largest Wholesaler of FIBC Bulk Bags in North America

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Largest Wholesaler of FIBC Bulk Bags in North America

FIBC bulk bags

Halsted provides distributors and resellers with one of the largest inventories of FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) in North America. Our FIBC bulk bags are generically marked (no “Halsted” markings) and priced for resale. We do not solicit or sell to end-users / consumers. 

Why Use FIBC Bulk Bags? 

  • FIBCs / bulk bags can be used for a wide range of industrial products – including debris, chemicals, minerals, food, agricultural products, feed/seed.
  • FIBCs / bulk bags offer the lowest product to package weight ratio of any industrial container. Your customer can ship one metric ton of product in a bag that weighs approximately 5 LBS!
  • FIBCs / bulk bags are recyclable and can be folded down to a fraction of their opened size once empty – a feature that makes disposal/return transport much more economical than rigid containers
  • FIBCs / bulk bags can be transported using a forklift or hoist, using the four corner lifting loops which are attached to the top corners of the bag. This reduces the need for pallets
  • FIBCs / bulk bags are highly customizable – featuring different filling and discharge options, dimensions, weight capacities, etc.

What Types of Bulk Bags (FIBCs) can Halsted Provide? 

Halsted stocks hundreds of thousands of FIBCs in our regional warehouses. These include nearly one hundred different styles and designs, including:

  • Circular or “tubular” style FIBCs
  • U-Panel or U+2 style bulk bags
  • Baffle bags
  • Ventilated bags
  • Open top, duffle top, or spout top options
  • Flat bottom and discharge spout options
  • Concrete washout bulk bags
  • Coated and uncoated bulk bags
  • Bulk bags with inserted polyethylene liners (PE liners)
  • Capacities ranging from 2,200 LBS to 4,000 LBS

Stock bulk bags are sold by the pallet, with a minimum order quantity of fifty bags. Nearly ninety percent of our shipments are drop or “blind” shipments, meaning that we ship in the name of our distributor – directly to their customer. This saves our distributor time, shipping charges, and handling fees. All stock FIBCs include a standard document pouch. Same-day shipping is available on all orders placed before 11 am local time.

Custom Printed Bulk Bags / FIBCs

Many bulk bag users now brand their FIBCs for marketing purposes. Halsted can help with your custom printed FIBCs by printing them at one of our trusted production facilities overseas. We can print up to four colors on all four sides of the bag. On a typical 35” bulk bag panel, the print area can typically span nearly 28 inches – offering customers a sizeable backdrop for their logo or product design.

Need a Custom Bulk Bag? Call Halsted today

If you cannot find the bulk bag that your customer needs in our stock inventory – don’t worry! We can manufacture your custom FIBC at one of our production facilities overseas. In addition to custom sizing, we specialize in several types of custom order bulk bags, including:

  • UN Rated / Certified FIBCs
  • Food Grade bulk bags / FIBCs (BRC & FSSC 22,000 Food Grade Certified)
  • Conductive Type C
  • Static dissipative Type D 
  • Drum bags
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