Bag Dimension:42x42x40"
SWL/SF:3000 lbs (1350kg) 5:1
Bag Construction:4-panel bag with baffle
Body Fabric:160gsm Uncoated White fabric
Duffle Top:31.5" long
Duffle Fabric:60+20gsm coated
Duffle Tie:PP tie strings
Bottom Spout:diameter 14 x 18 " long
Bottom Spout
90+20gsm coated
Bottom Spout tie:PP tie strings
Bottom Closure:Star Closure
Bottom Closure:PP Rope
Baffles:4 corner baffles - 100+20gsm coated
Lifting Loops:4 corner loops 10" free height & 2" width
Material:PP webbing - White color
Sift proof seams:No
Document pouch:Standard pouch
Seams:Double chain - White color yarn
Safety label:Yes
Bag weight:2.23 kg
Packing:190 pcs/pallet - bundled & wrapped in 50 pcs per bale

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